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Report Items

Report Items page contains the list of all survey questions and report elements.

Click the Edit button for the selected custom report from the Report Information pane. 

Top ribbon contains the following options:

You can also customize Layout of your report, filter responses that will be included in the report and apply plugins.

There are few additional options that can be applied to the report:

Show all text responses Select this option to expand all text responses in online report.

Each item on the new page Select this option to display each item of the report on the new page.

Hide All Select this option to hide all items from online report.

Edit name Click this button to edit your report name, title, description and notes.

Add Logo Click this button to add a logo to the top of your report.

For more details consult the Add Report Logo help chapter.

Insert New Item allows you to add one of the following elements to your Survey Report.

New Page inserts a break between pages.

The item number field. Indicates the number of the item within a report. This field is editable. It allows you to change the order of report items by entering the sequence number in this field. Make sure to Save your settings to apply changes.

  • If the item (N) is given the number (N+1), the order of the items will remain the same.
    For example, if the 5-th item is given the number '6', no changes will be applied.
    To replace the 5-th item with the 6-th one, you should set the 6-th item to be the 5-th or specify both item fields with contrary numbers and click Save.

  • The order of items set on this page will be in the Report Summary only. In individual reports, items will be displayed in the order set on the Survey Questions page.

The report item has the following options:

  • Edit Allows you to edit a specific report item.

  • Preview (magnifier button) Allows you to preview a specific report item.

  • Filter Allows you to apply the filter to the report item.

  • Graph Icon Allows you to view and customize the report graph.

  • Hide Hides the report item.

  • Inline Editor that is marked with the pencil icon allows easy and quick editing of the report name, title, description, questions and items text without navigating to their editing pages or reloading the current page.

Show text responses Select this option beneath the question that includes text answer choices (commentsOther option etc.) to expand in the report. That is usually used if convert report to PDF format.

New page Use this option to split your report into multiple pages.

Click Save to save your changes.

Click Run Report to see how your report looks.

Click Back to return to the New Report page.

Click Next to go to the Report Layout page.

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