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Advanced Reporting Options

The current page contains the following topics:



Add Report Logo

The feature allows adding a Logo to the associated Report.

Advanced Crosstab Graph

The feature allows modifying the Advanced Crosstab Graph.

Crosstab/Group Chart

The Crosstab feature is used to create Tables/Charts which can be used to compare your form/survey responses. 

Details table

Details table is a report's item that includes customized set of responses provided by respondents. The responses are sorted by Respondent ID (in descending order) and the newest responses are located on the top of Details table.

Define Respondent Groups

Respondent groups are used to group respondents by certain criteria and use these groups in Statistics tables and Crosstab/Group Chart.

Delete Responses

You can delete responses from the Report page. Deleted responses cannot be restored, so please take extra caution when deleting them.

Edit Question and Answers

You can edit labels of the report items, filter responses, set values for statistics, insert time series tables and graphs, select statistical quantities.

Edit Scales

This feature allows assigning values to the form questions with scales to perform statistical reporting.

Insert Text and Images

The Insert Text and Images allows you to create a custom look for your report by inserting images and internal comments.

Link Answers

The following feature allows you to display answers to different open ended questions side by side within the report.

Question Graph

The Question Graph feature allows viewing a report question graph by clicking the graph icon next to the question on the Report Itemspage.

Report Footer

The current feature allows adding additional information to the bottom part of the report.

Report Header

The current feature allows adding additional information to the top part of the report.

Show Text Responses

This feature allows providing the report viewers with the responses which have been entered in the fields of open-ended questions.


This feature allows you to create a table or graph to show results of significance testing in online report.

Statistics Table

The Statistics table allows comparing your survey responses of different respondent groups and display compared data using statistical quantities such as mean, median and others.

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