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Link Answers

The following feature allows you to display answers to different open ended questions side by side within the report.

It is convenient when you would like to link an email address of the respondent with comments that he/she provided or need to compare numbers from different questions in a tabular format.

To specify drill down questions go to the Report Settingspage, select the Links Answers option and click Specify, and then:

  1. Use the Available Questions field to select the question you need and click right arrow button to move it to the Selected Questions field.

  2. Select the question in the Selected Questions field and click the left arrow button to move it back to the Available Questions field.

The responses of the Single line text and Numeric Allocation question types are available only. You can select up to 3 questions at a time.

Click Save to save your changes.

Click Back to return to the Report Settings page.

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