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Show Text Responses

This feature allows providing the report viewers with the responses which have been entered in the fields of open-ended questions.

When you collect survey responses, these responses may contain big-sized text responses. In this case survey report display them in shorten way, but using this option you can expand text responses if necessary. This is often used when you need to export your survey results to the PDF.

To use this feature, go the reports Report page and then:

  1. Select existing custom report or create new one and go to the Report Items page.

  2. Select the Show text responses check boxes for all the text responses you need to expand in online report. Select the Show all text responses check box to expand all text responses at once.

  3. Click Save to save your settings.

  4. Go to the Publish page.

  5. Select the Print report option and click Next to go to the page where you can convert your report with expanded text responses to PDF format. For details consult the Print Reporthelp chapter.

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