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Edit Question and Answers

You can edit labels of the report items, filter responses, set values for statistics, insert time series tables and graphs, select statistical quantities.

To edit your report questions and answers click the pencil icon next to the item from the Report Items page:

You will be redirected to the Edit single question page. It possible to edit following items on this page:

  1. Edit question text.  Use this text box to enter a short definition of the item. It will be used instead of the original question text in online report, export, PDF and/or crosstab/group chart tables.
    Appoint values and labels to the Rate items along a scale and 3D Matrix question types.

    • Answers. Select this option to edit label for each answer line.

    • Scale items. Select this radio option to assign different numerical values and labels to the scale items.

  2. Edit label for each line. Use the text boxes to create short descriptions or definitions for each answer choice or scale item. This text will be used instead of the [original] answer text or scale item in online report, export, PDF, crosstab tables.

    • Values. You can assign different numerical values to the answer choices and scale items. These values will replace corresponding answer choices when you export your report to SPSS or ExcelThe values are set up by default. If you edit them you can reset them to default by clicking Reset to Default (only applies to the Rating scale and Matrix question types).

    • Hide. To hide particular answer options within the summary report, select this option.

    • Exclude from calculation. Select this option next to the answer choice you want to exclude from calculations within the summary report.

  • If the option responses as % of total submitted surveys is selected on Report Settings page, the No Response item is added to the scale items for adding labels and assigning values.

  • If Hide option is selected, hidden answer choices will be excluded from the calculations.

  • Filter on. Select these check boxes to turn your filters on or remove selection to turn your filters off.

  • Click the Filter button to filter responses for a particular question, so only those filtered responses appear in this report.

The Other field will not be displayed for filtering Pick One or 'Other' or Check all that apply types of questions.

  • You can filter your report based on the text responses entered into the open-ended text fields including the Other field of the Pick One or Other and Check All that Apply question types by clicking on the Filter link next to the corresponding text field. For the next steps, please consult the Filtering Results help chapter.

  1. Time Series. Click this button to add tables to the report, according to the survey submit dates. For details consult the Time Serieshelp chapter.

  2. Statistics. Click this button to select the statistical quantities to use in the report. For details consult the Statistical Reporting help chapter.

  3. Edit Graph. Click this button to work with your question graph.

    • Show numbers. Select this option to display the number of respondents in a table or graph.

    • Show percent. Select this option to display percentage of respondents in a question table or graph.

Click Save to save all the changes.
Click Preview to see how your report item looks.
Click Back to return to the Report Items page.

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