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Add Report Logo

The following feature allows adding a Logo to the associated Report.

To add a logo to your report follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Logo button on the Report Items page of your custom report;

  2. Click the Select Image button to locate image file you want to upload as a logo within your Media Library;

  3. Select the image.

a. Click the Ok button at the bottom right to upload logo;

b. Select Enable image or Disable image to either enable or disable selected image in the report;

4. Specify your logo alignment;

5. Description allows you to add a short description to the Image;

6. You can add any custom text using Mouse Over text option. Respondents will see it if they move their  mouse over the report logo;

7. The On click open link option allows you to redirect survey respondents to your web site or any other page in the web after clicking the logo image;

8. Click Save to save changes;

9. Click Preview button to preview report with new logo.

Click the Save button to attach selected logo to your report.
Click Run Report to preview online report.

You can use only .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png images in RGB color space.

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