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Insert Text and Images

The Insert Text and Images allows you to create a custom look for your report by inserting images and internal comments.

To create custom item with text and images follow these steps:

  1. Click Text, Image, Formula button on the functional ribbon at the top of the Report Items page.

2. You will be redirected to the Text & Image page.

Use the Enter your text box to input custom text. You can use this this text as a section header within your report.

  • You can use only .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .bmp, .png image in RGB colorspace and its size should be under 300 kB.

  • Click the Remove button to remove the uploaded image.

3. Click the Create Formula button to create formula for calculating custom statistical quantities and then click on Insert to the right of the formula to put it into the text box above. Formula values will be calculated automatically and will be displayed within the online report.

Recommendations for formula creation:

a. Use the Formula name text box to enter the name for your formula.

b. Use the Formula expression text box to manually enter formula expression you need. For example [ Q1.A2.C3 ] stands for the number of respondents who selected answer 2 in column 3 of question 1. You can use the following logic and arithmetic operators as well: AND, OR, NOT, +, -, *, /, ( ), |.|. Thus you can create custom statistical quantities using complex expressions.

  • If any of the mathematical operators are used in formula, question and answer references have to be enclosed in square brackets. For example, [ Q1.A2.C2 OR Q1.A3.C2 ]*100-[ Q1.A2.C2 OR Q1.A3.C2 ]/0.34.

  • It is important, that all of the formula's objects must be separated from other symbols(brackets, arithmetic operators) with spaces from each side. 

For example, this spelling is correct - [ Q1.A2.C2 OR Q1.A3.C2 ]*100-[ Q1.A2.C2 OR Q1.A3.C2 ]/0.34.

c. If you have respondent groups defined previously (for details consult Respondent Groups help chapter) you can use them to create formulas. For example: ( G1 + G2 )/[ Q4.A1 ].

d. Click the Save button to save you formula.

e. Click on the Insert next to the formula to insert it into the text box above in the cursor position to display it along with the custom text within the online report.

f. Click on the Edit next to the formula for amendments.

g. Click on the Delete next to the formula to remove it.

You can not use logic operators if creating formula using predefined groups. Logic can be applied to questions as described above.

4. To upload an image file click Choose file button and double click on the image you would like to add. You can insert images of the .JPG, .JPEG, .GIF, .BMP, .PNG types and their size should not exceed 300 Kb.

  • Use the Description text field to create an alternative text about the image if it is not loaded.

    • Insert a link to your web site or any web-page to redirect report view if click the image.

    • Specify image alignment (left, center, right) using the Align drop-down box to.

    • Click the Save to upload your image and save changes.

Click Save to save your changes.
Click Preview to see how your Text and Images item looks.
Click Back to return to the Report Items page.

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