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Report Layout

You can design or edit your report layout to match the corporate colors.

To design or edit your report layout click Layout button on the Edit report page.

  1. From the Left Pane select a report element you want to customize. Following report elements may be changed:

2. Use one of the following options to customize selected report element from the right.

  • Font Family;

  • Font Size;

  • Font Color;

  • Background Color;

  • Font Style;

  • Text Alignment;

  • Vertical Alignment;

  • Border Style;

  • Border Size;

  • Border Color.

3. Click the Save button to save changes and apply new layout to your report.

Click the Run Report button to preview online report.

Click the Edit CSS button to edit CSS parameters of your report. For more details consult the CSS Parameters help chapter.

To reset report's layout settings, click the Default button.

Click Back to go to the Report Settings page.

Click to Return to the Report Items page.

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