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Reports Page

The Reports page is a page where you can access all Form reports.

By default, you will see the reports for the last edited form, but you can navigate to any other report from the Folders Pane.

Folders Pane

Folders Pane is a tree that contains three first-level folders by default: Main, Custom and Trash.

Main folder This folder includes survey folders with the default Standard Reports. You can not delete these folders as they are associated with the Surveys.

  • represents survey folders as they appear on the Surveys home page.

  • represents the survey you are viewing reports for.

  • represents custom report sub folders.

To create new report sub folder, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Custom folder or the folder that represents the survey.

  2. Click the New button at the top of the pane.

  3. Name new folder and confirm to save changes.

Use the Folders Pane menu to manage folders. It allows you to:

  • New Folder - create a new sub folder in the selected folder.

  • Rename - rename selected sub folder.

  • Move To - move selected sub folder with its reports to the selected sub folder.

  • Delete - allow you to delete a selected folder.

  • You can not delete custom sub folders if they contain reports.

  • You can move only custom reports between the custom sub folders.

  • You cannot rename, move or delete default folders (Main, Custom and Trash).

  • You cannot move custom sub folders if they include nested folders.

Trash This folder is a temporary storage for the deleted custom reports.

It includes the following options:
  • Restore allows you to restore a selected report.

  • Delete permanently deletes selected reports from your account.

Deleting custom reports does not affect Form responses. To delete survey responses, consult the Delete Responses help chapter.

Reports Pane

Reports Pane contains reports for the selected form. By default, there is only a Standard Report, which cannot be deleted or customized.

To create new report, follow these steps:

  1. Click the New Report button.

  2. Name your report and click Next to proceed.

  3. Newly created report is a copy of Standard Report. You can customize it to meet required look and feel, calculate statistics and build graphs. For more information, consult the New Report help chapter.

Click on the report to select it. Hold the Ctr and Shift (for PC) or Command(for MAC) keyboard buttons to perform multiple report selection.

Active Reports are marked with the green bullet points. This means that they are still open for report viewer.

Inactive Reports are marked with the grey bullet points. This means that they are closed and are not available for viewing.

Report Information Pane

Report Information pane shows information per selected report. 

  • Edit - click this button to edit selected report. This option is not available for Standard Reports

  • View - opens summary report in a new window. For more details consult the Summary Report help chapter.

  • Publish - click this button to navigate to the Report Publish page where you can export your results to Excel, CSV, SPSS and PDF, as well as retrieve online report link or send it via email.

  • Name - displays report name, which can be edited from the report Name page or directly from this pane by clicking on it.

  • Display title - displays report title, which can be edited from the report Name page or directly from this pane by clicking on it.

  • Export to Excel - exports report data to Excel.

  • Export to CSV - exports report data to CSV.

  • Export to SPSS - exports report data to SPSS.

  • Export to XML - exports report data to XML.

  • Open in FORM Analytics - this option requires login to the FORM Analytics tool. Using this option you can perform advanced and flexible data analysis.

  • Send via Email - sends report inside the email to the indicated email addresses. More...

  • Go to Source Form/Survey - click this link to get back to the source survey editing pages.

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