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Export to CSV

It is possible to export your survey report to .CSV (comma separated value) file, which can later be used for statistical analysis.

To export your form or survey results to .CSV file:

  1. Go to the Reports section.

  2. Select the report you would like to export.

  3. Click the Export to CSV option from the information pane in the right part of the screen:


  1. Click the Publish button next to the appropriate report.

  2. In the Publish Options section select Export to CSV option:

The Publish options are available for both exporting the report from the Publish page or Reports page:

  1. Select the export options:

  • Select Export labels only to export the report with labels only.

  • Select Export values only to export the report with values only.

  • Select Export values and labels to export the report with both values and labels.

  • Selecting Export in format compatible with Upload responses will hide the right column of the settings, making the output file compatible with the platform's import function. If no options from the right column are selected, the report will be exported without headers.

Include identifiers section:

  • Select Question References to insert a header row with the references to the questions either in the Qx.Ay.Cz format (where 'x' is the question number, 'y' is the answer number and 'z' is the column number, if applicable) or using the question identifiers, if there are any. If an identifier is applied to an answer, but not to its question, the question number is omitted from the header, and only the reference to the answer identifier is included. If the Question References option is selected, two additional settings appear:

  • Select Column names in 3D matrix questions to show the labels for 3D matrix questions using the column names.

  • Select Column names in Object lookup questions to show the labels for columns of the object lookup questions based on the columns from the contact manager or the data model connected to the object lookup question in the form. 

  • Select Question identifiers to insert a row with question identifiers into the report.

  • Select Answer identifiers to insert a row with answer identifiers into the report. 

Include labels section:

  • Select the Question text option to insert a row with questions' text into the report.

  • Select the Answer text option to insert a row with answers' text into the report.

Include other information section:

  • Select the Question analysis codes option to insert a row with these codes into the report.

  • Select the Report metadata option to insert a row with the form title and description into the report.

Include additional data section:

  • Select include system ID to include a respondent's system ID into the exported file. 

  • Select Include Unique Survey URL to export each respondent's URL.

  • Select Include links to Reports By Respondent to export links to view individual responses.

  • Select Show Overall Respondent # to show respondents' actual sequence numbers within the report. This option is commonly used if you filter responses but need to keep their real sequence numbers.

        Use the following delimiter:

  • Comma is a default delimiter used in reports; however, this option allows to set either tab or semicolon as a delimiter for an exported file.

4. Click the Export To CSV button.

5. Exported report will be automatically download to your computer. If report was not exported automatically click the link in the message that appears on the right of the Export to CSV button:

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