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Report Publishing

There are the following publish options:



Print Report

You can print your report using several Export options available on the right panel of the Report page. The article presents all options and their short description in the table below.

Email Report

The accessible Report link can be sent inside the email body to the specified email addresses.

Export to Excel

It is possible to export your form report into Excel in order to use it for statistical analysis. 

Export to CSV

It is possible to export your survey report to .CSV (comma separated value) file, which can later be used for statistical analysis.

Graphics Export

The article explains how you can export your form report in a graphic format.

Export to SPSS

Your survey results can be imported into SPSS to perform advanced data analysis.

Schedule Report Delivery

You can integrate data you collect in forms with the third-party FTP sources and set up the scheduled delivery process using the Schedule Report Delivery feature for your reports.

Export to PDF

You can convert a summary report to PDF using the Export to PDF link available from the right Information page. 

Report XML Export

You can export the data of one or more forms simultaneously and their responses into XML and XSD formats. Taskscan also be exported to XML.

Remote Data Retrieval

The data collected using the platform can be retrieved (exported), and in most cases, without having an active session of an account or without having to log in at all.

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