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Export to SPSS

Your survey results can be imported into SPSS to perform advanced data analysis.

To export your survey results into SPSS select the report, click the Publish button from the right pane. You can also navigate to the SPSS Export option directly by clicking the Export to SPSS link from the right pane.

  1. Select the Export to SPSS option.

  2. Specify the preferred export options.

  • Select the Export labels only to export the report with labels only.

  • Select the Export values only to export the report with values only.

  • Select the Export values and labels to export the report with both values and labels.

  • Select the Export labels and values that toggle option to export to SPSS with the ability to toggle between values and labels.

  • Select the Default option to use the default encoding while exporting your report to SPSS.

  • Select the Other option to open a drop-down box for choosing the proper encoding, if your report contains data in any language other than English.

  • Select the Show Overall Respondent # option to show respodents' actual sequence numbers within the report. This option is commonly used if you filter responses but need to keep their original sequence numbers.

  • The Support multiple response sets option is used to create multiple response sets.

3. Click Export To SPSS.

4. When the dialog box pops up click Open to open the document in SPSS or click Save to save it in SPSS format (.sav) to your computer.

While exporting form or survey report to SPSS, the data will be arranged in the following way:

  1. Each response (respondent's answers to all survey questions) appears in one row.

The sequence of columns will be as follows:

  • 1st column: the respondent's sequence number;

  • 2nd column: the date and time the survey was submitted;

  • 3rd column: respondent's email (if the survey was distributed via our mail system and was not anonymous);

  • starting from the 4th column the sequence of columns is the same as the order of questions and answer choices in the exported report and contains values and labels that toggle.


If you click the Data View tab you see answers to the questions with the questions represented as variables. If you click the Variable view you see questions and full information about variables.

The number of columns used for each question depends on the question type, number of answer choices, answer labels and values set.

Accordance of questions and columns will be as follows:

  • Pick One', if the radio button has been selected the column will contain number 1, otherwise it will be empty.

  • Check All That Apply, if the check box has been selected the column will contain number 1, otherwise it will be empty.

  • Dropdown Box, if the answer has been selected the column will contain the order number of the selected answer, otherwise it will be empty.

  • General, if the text field has been filled in the column will contain the text, otherwise it will be empty.

Multiple Response Set

This feature is applicable for the Export labels and values that toggle option and is commonly used to create multiple response sets for the multi-choice types of questions such as Check All That Apply and List Box. In this case responses will be exported in the following way:

  • Values - 1 for selected response, 0 for those that are not selected.

  • Labels - Yes for selected response, No for thos that are not selected.

Thus, you can analyze data by means of SPSS and use multiple response sets.


  • The successful export to SPSS requires SPSS version 16.0 or higher.

  • If your question contains Other or Comment field, a column is added to display text responses.

  • Export size limit of answers to Multiline text response question type makes up 4000 characters

  • If an answer and question identifiers were specified for particular questions and answers 

    • AND their length is equal or more that 8 symbols,
      specified answer and question identifiers will be replaced with that the platform automatically generates.

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