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Export to PDF

You can convert a summary report to PDF using the Export to PDF link available from the right Information page. 

Note that this option is available only for summary reports and not participation reports. 

How to use the feature

  • Go to the Reportshome page, and select the report you wish to print.

  • Press Export to PDF available from the right panel.

  • Choose Summary to convert the report. 

  • Select By respondent to convert the report by respondent to PDF.

  • Set the interval for respondents to include in the print version; use From and To to specify the respondents range.

  • You cannot print report for more than 500 respondents at a time.

  • There is a 3000 page limit.

Format settings

Adjust one of the following formats:

  • Convert to black and white PDF format: The print version of your report will be in black and white.

  • Convert to color PDF format: The print version of your report will be in full color.

  • Portrait: Applying a portrait page orientation to your report.

  • Landscape: Applying a landscape page orientation to your report.

  • Press Convert To PDF to save a copy of your report as a PDF document.

Click View to preview your report. 

Using HTML Tags:

If HTML tags were applied to the header/footer of the report, they will not be displayed in a PDF version of the report.

Therefore, the design of the printed PDF file may differ from the PDF report obtained via the 'Convert to PDF' option in the Report Settings.

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