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Report XML Export

You can export the data of one or more forms simultaneously and their responses into XML and XSD formats. Taskscan also be exported to XML.

The exported data can later be imported into other external applications.

To export your form and responses to XML follow these steps:

  1. Click the Reports button from the main navigation menu at the very top of your account.

  2. Click XML Export from the sub-menu.

  3. Select the form/survey you wish to export to XML.

    • Click the right arrow button to move selected forms to the right pane.

    • Click the left arrow button to remove selected surveys from the right pane.

    • Hold down CTRL and click the left mouse to select multiple surveys at once.

  4. Select the Survey Structure option to export the survey data only, no responses data will be exported. This option is selected by default.

  5. Select the Responses option to export responses along with the survey structure. When you select this option, the Response type menu appears.

    • Click the Completes only option to export only completed survey responses.

    • Click the Completes and partially completed option to export both completed and partially completed survey responses.

    • If you customize your survey questions and answer options text using HTML, you can decide whether to export answer choices labels with the HTML tags included or ignore HTML and export plain text only. For that use the Ignore HTML tags in responses option.

  6. Click the Export button to export data to XML.

  7. When confirmation pop-up appears click Open to open the document in ZIP format or click Save to save your file as ZIP with corresponding XML and XSD files. 

    • Submit Date and Time;

    • Email Address (if available);

    • Respondent ID;

    • Analysis Code (if was applied for survey questions).

To learn more about the structure of the exported XML files, visit Form/Survey XML export page.

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