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Security Settings

On the Security settings page, you can grant access to your account for the FORM support team, set a new report privacy by default, download the audit trail log, and add the verified domain to your account.

The Security settings page is divided into four sections, each of which is described in detail below:

Audit trail

From this section, you can download an Audit trail log - an Excel spreadsheet containing information about your account's activity during the last 30 days. 

In case of inactivity, the active session will expire and the user will be logged out after 40 minutes from the last recorded activity in the Audit trail log.

New Reports Privacy

To ensure that your collected data is distributed and reviewed by the appropriate audience, there is an option that allows you to define whether all reports should be created as private or public within your account.  

Please select the respective option to set your reports to be opened (public) by default.

Support Access

The Support team has access to your account by default. 

And you can limit the support access to your account by time or even close the access.

Registered Email Domains 

From this section, you can add domains that will be used in the "From" field for emails sent from our platform(i.e., email invitations, email alerts, notifications, tasks emails):

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