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Task Card

A Task card displays the following information:

Task Type name;


Due Date;

Current task status;

Upload status.

A new task will show up as Unread until you open it or perform any action on it (e.g. change due date, change status, reassign, unassign). 

Overdue tasks are the tasks for which the due date has passed. An overdue task will have its due date highlighted in red. 

Depending on the status of the task and the Portal settings, the following action buttons can be seen at the bottom of a task card:

Fill Out Form (for new tasks) - Opens the form attached to the task.

View Form (for the task with a saved/submitted response) - Opens the saved response attached to the task. To edit the response, click the Edit button at the top-right corner of the voting screen. 

Upload - Uploads the task changes (e.g. saved or submitted form, due date change, status change) to the server.

Tap the More Options button at the bottom right corner of a task card to view a list additional actions that can be performed on a particular task, such as: Select, Pin, Change Status, Change Due Date, Reassign, Unassign:


Status Change




You may have only some of the listed options available according to task action permissions set by your Portal admin. 

The task can be pinned using the Pin button in the right top corner of a task card:

Pinned tasks will appear on top of your tasks list and will be downloaded to your device.

Task Details

Tap a task card to view detailed information on the task and all possible actions:

Additional information includes:

  • Task summary and type;

  • Current status;

  • Upload status;

  • Task creator;

  • Assign & due dates;

  • Description

  • Custom task properties specified by the portal admin

In addition, the Select button, the Pin state control button and the Floating action button are available from a task details' screen. 

Depending on a task status and your portal settings one of the two corresponding floating action buttons will be available:

corresponds to the View Form action;

corresponds to the Fill Out Form action.

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