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Android app Tasks screen

  • The Tasks screen is only visible if you are assigned to or manage a task.

  • The Tasks screen may have a different name if your Form Administrator choose to rename it.



How to create Task on Portal for Android

You can create a task on the Portal for yourself by filling out a form linked to a task definition. The article describes how to create a task using the Android device in offline mode.

Browse Tasks

The article describes how you can view tasks. Tasks are presented in the form of Task cards by default.

Filter Tasks

You can filter tasks using the Configure Filters button on the Content Management bar.

Sort Tasks

You can sort tasks in the Card View mode by Assign date, Due date, Upload status, Unread status and custom task properties if they were specified by the Portal admin. 

Task Card

The article covers what information is displayed on Task cards.

Task Management Mode

The article explains how you can sort tasks, actions available for task managers, and how you can adjust filters.

Tasks Search

You can search within Tasks using the Search button in the top right corner of the Tasks screen.

Form Gallery for Android

This early access function allows a mobile app user to take multiple photos sequentially without following the Form structure for the File Upload question type. All photos that you have taken are available in the Form Gallery.

Android app Image Actions

It’s possible to use a built-in editor for uploaded images or photos taken for the File Upload type of questions to edit images within the app.

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