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User Administration Guide


To activate your enterprise application, enter the license key on the License page. 

This is a unique key which is provided along with other installation materials. When you log into the application for the first time you are automatically redirected to this page.

Enter your license key and click the Activate button. If your license key is accepted, the current license status will be updated on the right side of page.

Current users can request license upgrade or extension from their account representatives. To update the license key click the license link at the very top of an administration account, and repeat the steps mentioned above.

Add New Account

New user accounts can be created directly from your administration account.

  • Click the Add New button.

  • Enter user's details in the pop-up window and click Sign Up.

  • An account will be created once the registration form is filled out. The user should receive a registration confirmation email with login credentials.

  • Go back to your administration account and search for this newly created user. You can change the user's settings if necessary from the administration > user edit page. For example, you can turn a single user into multi-user or multi-access account there.

Sub-accounts for Multi-User and Multi-Access accounts should be created within these accounts by account holders themselves.

User Account Administration

The Administration account allows you to search, edit user accounts, change the account type, expiration date, add or withdraw credits. 

The administrator account login details are provided along with the other installation materials and can be received from the Survey account coordinator or from your company production group who installed the application. 

Searching for User Accounts

  1. Access the User Search Screen by logging into administration account.

All the User Property Fields are searchable. Enter user data into any field to locate the user account you wish to edit. See the table below for descriptions of each user property field.



User ID

The unique number of the user in the system.


The email address of the user.


The user login name.

Survey ID

The unique number of the user survey.

First Name

The user's first name.

Last Name

The user's last name specified in the account.


The company name specified in the user account.


The phone number specified in the user account.

City, Country

The residence information.


The dropdown box allows you to select the user type:

  • Any;

  • Single User;

  • MultiUser Admin;

  • WebPoll;

  • Plan Template;

  • Multi-Access;

  • SubUser.

Sign Up

The Sign Up field. The sampling includes those accounts with the Sign Up dates limited to the range

specified in the From and To fields. 


The Expiration field. The sampling includes those accounts with the Expiration dates limited to the range specified in the From and To fields.


The quantity of the remaining user credits. The sampling includes accounts with credits more or equal to the number specified in the From field

and less or equal to the number specified in the To field.


The dropdown box allows you to filter accounts by the following status: Any, Active, Locked.

Use the Show items per page dropdown box to indicate the desired number of returned records per page in the search results.

  1. Click Search to begin the user account search.

  2. Click Clear to clear the data out of all fields.

  3. Search results are returned and display the associated properties for all users that match the search criteria.

  4. If the user account is a sub-account, the unique ID number of the master account displays in the Master ID column. This number is hyperlinked and clicking it allows you to enter the application through the master account login.

Keep the following things in mind when entering search criteria:

  • If you type 'partial data' into a search field, all results that contain that data excerpt (in that specific field) are returned. This is true on all search fields excluding the Survey ID field.

    If you enter "yahoo" in the Login field, all user accounts containing this domain name in their logins are returned in the search results.

  • If you enter the number in the Survey ID field, only the user account tied to this survey is returned.

  • If you leave all the fields blank, the entire list of user accounts is returned in the search results.

Editing User Accounts

  1. Once you have located the user record you wish to edit, click the User ID link to open the user record.

  2. Within the user record, you can edit the Login, account expiration dates, credits and User Type

  3. Account password can be changed from that particular account by users themselves from the My Account page. It can be also reset by clicking the Reset Password button when editing user account, thus the notification email with a temporary password will be automatically sent to the email address associated with this account.

  4. Use the Back and Next buttons to browse through all accounts in your workgroup.

    PropertiesNotesLoginMust be unique record throughout the system.Login ExpireThe date must follow the year-month-day standard. Eg. 2004-05-23.Add/Remove CreditsYou can add or remove credits by placing the amount to add or remove in this field. A negative amount will remove credits.URL SuffixYou can enter a suffix that will be used in all survey links of this account.User TypeUse this dropdown box to set the user type.Sub-accounts for Multi-User and Multi-Access accounts should be created within these accounts by account holders themselves.


    Single User

    Users can design, edit and distribute surveys and forms, view reports.Multi-User AccountUsers can work on their surveys and forms and also manage other single user accounts (sub-accounts).Multi-Access AccountUsers can work on their surveys and forms, create and manage sub-logins (sub-accounts) to their accounts. An owner of the multi-access account can manage access levels for each sub-login or a group of sub-logins.Sub-accountsShows number of sub-accounts for Multi-User and Multi-Access.

  5. Click the Show Rights button to display all of the features which can be activated for the account. Click the Hide Rights button to collapse the list.

  6. Activate and deactivate the features by clicking on the corresponding check boxes.

Copy Surveys Between the Accounts

  1. Click the Show Details button to display the feature that allows you to copy Forms/Surveys from other accounts, remove Forms/Surveys or restore previously deleted Forms/Surveys. Click the Hide Details button to hide this feature.

    Please note, that the Show details button is displayed only if support access is granted for account where the survey is stored.

  2. From the Select Survey dropdown box select the Form/Survey you wish to copy.

  3. Enter the User ID of the account which the Form/Survey will be copied to.

  4. Click the Restore button, to restore previously deleted Forms/Surveys from that account.

  5. Click the Remove button to completely remove a Form/Survey from the account.

  6. Once you have finished editing, click Save to apply changes.


This is a list of features, their descriptions and where in the form/survey application these features are used.



Used In 

3D Matrix

Allows the user to create the 3D Matrix question type.

Edit Questions


Allows the users to create an address book. This feature is useful for sending out surveys to email distribution lists.  

Address Book

Email Survey Using Address Book

Advanced Logic

This option activates Advanced Logic which is used to make flexible survey structures.

Edit Question Logic

Advanced Show/Hide 

This feature allows showing or hiding answer choices based on the specified condition.  

Edit Questions


Allows the user to customize the ‘From’ email address for the launch, reminder and report emails.

Compose Email


Allows the user to perform anonymous survey distribution.

Survey Launch

Email Survey

Answer Layout

Allows selecting the answer layout vertically (down) or horizontally (across) when adding or editing the specific multi-choice question.

Optional Features

Attach File

Allows attaching files and emailing their link to the survey/report or survey/report itself to the respondents.

Compose Email

Audit Log

Allows to download audit log from the My account page. Audit Log is an Excel spreadsheet containing the information about the activity within account for the last 30 days

My Account


Allows importing additional respondent information along with their email addresses. This enables the option to pre-populate question responses (fill in responses automatically). It is available if the ‘Bulk Email’ feature has been activated.

Format Data File


Allows removing the Back button from the survey page.

Survey Rules

Block Emails

When this right is activated, and user tries to launch the form/survey or send a report via e-mail, he or she will see the pop-up message with the following text: "Due to the spammers abusing our system, we have implemented Phone Verification process. Please check the form below to make sure that your correct phone number is indicated. Our support will contact you promptly. " Users will be asked to enter their phone number and after they submit the form, FORM support will receive Launch confirmation e-mail with users' details and contact user directly.



When active, this right allows to block sending account expiration emails.

Expiration emails


When active, this right allows to block sending account registration emails.

Registration emails


When active, this feature provides the functionality of the next question being dependant on the points scored by the respondent to the previous questions.

Branch on Range Logic


Allows importing a complete database of email addresses that is stored locally on the computer. The corresponding Form/Survey can also be emailed to everyone in this database at the same time.

Email To List

Click Through

Allows the display of how many respondents accessed your Form/Survey as well a the Click-through count if responses have not been completed .

Forms/Surveys Home

CM status update

If the Contact Manager is used for Panel Management, each time respondents access voting or an email is sent to the user the data in the contact a manager is updated. Such as is this user active? Have the opted out? What's their current panelist score, etc. These updates creates a load on the system. When activated, this right disables this functionality is users are not using the CM for Panel Management.

Panel management

Common Plugins

Enables common plugins for the user account.


Concurrency Block

When activated, this right controls concurrent access to a shared resource allowing only one session or process to modify the resource at a given time, preventing conflicts that could arise from simultaneous modifications.

Account administration

Contact Manager

Activates Contact Manager for the user account.

Contact Manager

Copy Surveys with Reports

Allows to copy surveys with reports when designing survey by editing an existing survey with the help of “Copy with Reports” check box on the Design Survey page.

Design Survey  

Copy Surveys  with Results

Allows to copy surveys with results when designing survey by editing an existing survey with the help of “Copy with Results” check box on the Design Survey page. 

Design Survey

Correct XML Scales

By default values for the XML export start from 0. If enable this feature values will start from 1.

XML Export


Allows modifying the domain name in survey or report URL.

Launch Survey

Custom JavaScript

Allows to use JavaScript in the form/survey to customize its functionality.

Form/survey customization


Allows to changing the survey layout manually if none of the predefined color schemes are suitable with the help of Custom Colors Layout editor.


Custom Plugins

Enables custom plugins for user account.


Custom Survey Buttons

Allows uploading your own survey buttons (Next, Back and Submit) from the Layout page.



Allows creating custom rank scales as well as edit or delete any of them.

Rate Items, 3D Matrix


Allows customizing the formats which can be used by the respondent while answering questions with a pre-format option.

Customize text format


Use this feature to activate custom dashboard within the account for QlickView reporting.


Dashboard Add/Edit

This feature allows adding custom tabs to the default dashboard.


Disable item script

For the users that have this right disabled, the system should strip out all 'script' tags from any survey/form element

Form/survey customization

Disable emails security

When this right is enabled, emails sent from this Account will not be signed with DKIM signature and will be sent through the second queue for not signed emails via SMTP for not signed emails.

Survey Launch

Emails sending


This feature allows the sending of email invitations (during bulk distribution), to respondents with the same email addresses. This feature also assigns a unique code to each respondent (in the data file), so you can distinguish survey results and other attributes from the file for AutoFilling.

Email Survey To List

Format Data File


Allows editing respondent data.

Report by respondent


The education package feature allows the user to set a time limit for filling out surveys and provides a view of the total score for each respondent in the report, when the answers have been supplied with point values.

Launch Survey Branch on Range


Sets a limit on the number of emails allowed to be sent from particular account.



This is an email that is sent to respondents whose email addresses are in the survey Incompletes list.

Email Reminder


Allows to email the report or attach the report to an email.

Email Report

Enable E-forms

Enables custom forms for user account.

Email Report

Enable API

Enables API.

Administration Page

Enterprise Plugins

Enables high-level enterprise plugins for user account.

Survey Rules

Export Unique Survey URL

Allows exporting the unique survey URL of each respondent along with their results into Excel.

Export to Excel

Export to XML

Allows exporting your survey to XML by clicking the ‘Export to XML’ button on Survey Home page.

Survey Home


This feature allows the user to apply complex filtering to the report, such as filtering on text, email address, date, etc. The user can also specify which responses to display in the report results.

Advanced Filter

Filtering Uses Wildcard

This feature is used along with Filtering feature and widens its capabilities to using wildcard characters.

Advanced Filter

Filtering Uses RegExp

This feature is used along with Filtering feature and widens its capabilities by using regular expressions for filtering results.

Advanced Filter

Filtering uses fulltext

In addition to complex filtering enables fulltext option for advanced text filtering.

Advanced Filter

Formula in text and images in reports

This feature allows the user to create and insert formulas into the text of the report elements.

Text and images


Control over the launch of forms/surveys created within the sub-account.

Form/survey distribution

Heavy launch

If this check box is selected, the user account will be not checked up for heavy launch index by the system. The check box is not selected by default.

Form/survey distribution


The import response feature allows the user to upload responses from a CSV file into a survey.

Launch Survey Upload Responses

Image Align L/R

Allows setting the alignment of the image (left, center, right) in top position and add arrows (Up Left, Bottom Left, Up Right, Bottom Right).

Add Image

Image Position

Allows positioning the image (left, top, right) relative to question text.

Add Image

Import from file

Allows designing a survey by importing a delimited data file.

Design New Survey


Allows selecting the language for the pop-up alerts and to design a survey in different languages.

Survey Rules

Links Answers

Allows specifying the way the information about responses to specific questions will be displayed in the online report.

Report Rules

Linear Form

Allows to create linear forms within particular user account.

Form/survey creation

Live Chat

Activates LiveChat for participant account.



Allows to remove the "Powered by KeySurvey" and "Powered by " logo from the form/survey and report pages.

Manage Bounces

Enables the possibility to track the delivery of email messages from the Email Results page.

E-mail Results

Navigation Dropdown

Allows navigating through the account pages using the dropdown box.

Survey and Report Editing Pages

New Portal

Activates New Portal for particular account.


One Touch Script

This feature navigates respondents to the next page, upon selecting one of the radio buttons.

Survey Rules

Open in FORM Analytics

Allows to synchronize Survey data with the FORM Analytics Reporting tool

My Account

Publish Report


When activated, allows CM users to access Offline portal and Mobile app

Mobile app


A flag that is set on the account after user's payment.

User administration

Panel Filter

Allows filtering the addresses according to the results of the selected surveys.

Address Book

Participant Portal

Activates Participant Portal within the account where users can fill out and submit all surveys intended for them or on behalf of other respondents.



Allows to protect the surveys with individual passwords.

Password Protection Format Data File

Portal Single Sign On

Allows to use Single sign on functionality for logging to the Participant portal.

Participant portal

Preferred answer

Allows to use the ‘Skip with alert’ option. If respondents do not answer the question with the ‘Skip with alert’ option and submit the survey, they will be prompted to answer it but still they can skip it.

Survey Questions


Allows to use the ‘Compare one against another’ question type.

Survey Questions


Allows the input of comments to the survey respondent results.

Edit Questions Summary Report


Allows designing profile surveys for Common-Password survey protection.

Common-Password Survey Edit Questions

Question Analisys Code

This feature is used for statistic analysis purposes

Optional Question Features


Allows displaying question answers in random order.

Edit Single Question


Allows displaying the questions in random order.

Edit Questions


Allows redirecting respondents to the necessary website after they have submitted the survey.

Survey Rules


Allows to use regular expressions to create custom formats.

Customize text format


Allows a report viewer to add filters to the report online.

Report Rules Summary Report


Allows filling in the fields for ‘Reply’ address and undelivered emails.

Compose Email


Allows expanding text responses in the online report. It can be activated from the ‘Customize Report’ page.

Report Items Summary Report

Report Logo

Allows attaching a report logo.

Report Layout 

Response History

When activated, allows to see the changes that the users were making to form responses along with the name/ID of the user and the time the change was made.

Responses collection

Response Rate

Allows showing the response rate % (which is total number of completed surveys multiplied by 100 and divided by total number of completed and incompleted surveys) in the ‘Completed’ column in parentheses.

Surveys home

Salesforce integration

Allows launching a survey through the SalesForce application.

Launch Survey

Salesforce APEX

Marker that this user has been created from Salesforce

User administration


Allows searching surveys by survey name, title, introduction or survey ID.

Surveys home

Section 508 Support

Enables Section 508 support for user account.

Survey creation


Allows securing all collected data by encrypting it.

Launch Survey

Share Calculation (outdated)

Allows creating a table or graph to show results of share calculation in online report and PDF.

Share Calculation

Show Results

Gives the user an option of allowing respondents to view each others results.

Survey Rules


Allows creating a table or graph to show results of significance testing in an online report.


Sort respondents by start date

Allows sorting the reports by date the respondents started to take the survey.

Responses history

Survey 360

Allows to create 360 survey within user account.

Survey creation

Survey MetaData

Allows to use meta data for form/survey customization within user acocunt.

Survey rules


Allows applying statistical quantities to survey results.

Survey report


Activates Task functionality for particulart account.



This feature allows the user to add time series tables and graphs to the report.

Report Questions Time Series Graph

Unique Export Plugins

Enables unique Export Plugins for user account.

Survey Rules

Unlimited Contacts

Allows user to add unlimited number of contacts to the Contact Manager.

Contact Manager

Unlimited PDF

When activated, allows to export report to PDF even if they consist of more than 3000 pages.



URL ID append. This feature allows the user to apply a suffix to the survey URL.

Launch Survey URL Suffix

EvoPDF export

Uses EvoPDF technology for form/survey export to PDF.


EvoPDF report export

Uses EvoPDF technology for form/survey report export to PDF.


XXX in Report

Allows to hide the results for questions with less than X responses. If there are less than X responses to a certain question they will be displayed as XXX in the Summary Report mode.



Allows receiving emails or sending them to the respondents or to any other email addresses when a particular response is selected.

Email Alert

Survey without table

Replace the "table" elements to the "div" in a survey CSS code.


Usage Report

As an administrator, you can track user's statistics and action data, such as the number of surveys created, number of credits used, number of responses per all surveys and others.

  1. Search for a certain account to see the statistics report.

  2. Click on the user ID hyperlinked number to open Edit User Account window.

  3. Click the Usage Report button.

  4. Set the From and To report dates to set the time interval to see the account statistics.

  5. Select the option to group statistics records by and click the Ok button.

  6. Data is grouped by the selected period and one more column that shows the total number per each record is added at the end of the table.

  7. Click the Export to Excel button to export the data to Excel and analyze it externally. 

Security Setup

On the Security Setup page, you can set up the security regulations and manage the password settings for all account types. Using this administration resource, you can adjust the security policy of the account access, reset the passwords, deactivate and reactivate the accounts.
To access the security settings you need to log in the administration account and click the Passwords button.

This page provides the possible security settings:

  1. User passwords expire in Allows you to manage the password validity term. 
    The supported options are: 

    • Never Expires (by default);

    • Expires in .. days (The value must be between 0 and 365).

  2. Enforce password history Enables you to determine the number of unique new passwords that have to be associated with a user account before an old password can be reused. 
    The possible options are:

    • Is not logged (by default);

  3. Password complexity requirement This security setting requires the password to meet the complexity requirements.
    The possible options are:

    • Alpha characters (any case)

    • Uppercase and lowercase alpha characters

    • Digits

    • Non-alphanumeric characters.
      To satisfy the needed complexity level these options can be combined.

  4. Minimum password length. Enables you to set the minimum password length. 
    The supported options are:

    • Not Limited (by default); 

    • At least N characters (The value must be between 0 and 16).

  5. Account expiration requirement. Allows you to limit the term the account can stay idle. 
    The possible options are:

    • Never expires (by default);

    • Expires if idle for N days (The value must be between 0 and 365).

  6. Account lockout policy. This setting disables a user account if an incorrect password is entered a specified number of times over a specified period. 
    You may set the following option:

    • Do not lock accounts (by default); 

    • Lock accounts for N minutes after N invalid attempts (The value must be more than 0 for minutes and between 1 and 10 for attempts).

Password complexity settings can be configured for:

  • Self Hosted accounts

  • Private Labels

  • Branded accounts with Enterprise admin. Enterprise admin is an option in Branded account setup

  • SaaS users and Branded accounts without Enterprise admin will have the same Password Complexity settings, set up in Key Survey admin account.

Template Account

Template account is a system account that is used to create and store survey and question templates, as well as custom themes. Later they can be used in regular and workgroup accounts by regular users.
The default template account name that goes with your installation is "template". 
When you log in to the template account you will see the list of folders that contain default template surveys, CSS templates and question library available for your regular users.

Creating Survey and Question Templates

Survey templates are available for all accounts within your environment and are used for quick survey creation. They are divided into categories and contain list of commonly asked questions depending on the category they belong to. Users that create new survey using templates can then customize newly created surveys within their personal accounts by adding new questions, deleting or editing predefined questions.

To add new survey template:

  1. Click the New Survey button from the Surveys home page of the template account.

  2. Select the 'From Scratch' option to create survey template by adding questions manually.

  3. Select the 'Use a Template' option to create survey template by customizing existing template.

  4. Give unique name to your survey template. 

    The Survey name will be displayed to the other users when they create survey from templates

  5. Select the category you want to create survey for. Use the Templates section to add survey template or  section to add current survey questions to the library for public use.

  6. Click the Save button.

  7. Add as many questions to your survey as you need and proceed with other survey design procedures if necessary. Now your survey template or questions from the Question Library are available for all users.

Template Management

By default all template surveys and questions from the Question Library are organized within different categories. On the Template Management page you can customize these categories or add new ones.

  1. Click the Manage Categories link at the left top of the template account Surveys/Forms home page.

  2. If your installation is an  application, use the Forms Templates and Form Library options to customize the categories. Otherwise use the Templates and Question Library options.

  3. Select the category you want to edit and click the Edit Category button.

  4. Edit category name and assign group where this category should reside. You can also number category by typing its number. The check box available next to the numbering field shows or hides the category from the templates list.

  5. Click the Save button to apply changes.

  6. Go back to customize other template account properties.

CSS Templates

Along with the survey and question templates you can create CSS templates(themes). They can later be used by regular users to improve survey design and appearance from the Layout page.

  1. Create new survey from scratch or use available template. Follow the default survey design steps.

  2. Go to the survey Layout page.

  1. Select the Custom Themes category from the Category pane in the left and click the Rename button to customize existing categories.

  2. Click the New button to create new custom category.

  3. Click the New Theme button to add new theme template.

  4. When this is done, regular users will be able to use CSS templates and apply them to their surveys within just a few steps.

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