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Multi-User Account

The following functionality requires the purchase of a multi-user license.

The multi-access account cannot be changed to multi-user account and vice-versa.

The account with a set of rights to control the work of sub-accounts associated with it. This type of account is convenient when you need to have a group of people working independently on different projects. Multi-user account has the means of control over the work of sub-accounts, while each of the sub-account users has no access to the information in the other sub-account. Each account(multi-user account) has unique login/password to restrict access to all the information on all sub-accounts that belong to it.

✅ Can do:

  • Create new sub-accounts(amount is limited by admin account)

  • Suspend sub-accounts

  • Create a survey available to all sub-account users

  • Review the work of all sub-account users

  • Authorize the  launch of the surveys created by sub-account

  • Assign credits to sub-accounts from Multi-user account pool thus controlling their work. The number of credits in multi-user account pool is limited by admin.

  • Can copy a survey from sub-account to Multi-user account

🛑 Cannot do: 

  • Cannot create different access rights to the same account with the same content

  • Cannot create more sub-accounts/assign more credits than allowed by admin account

  • Cannot create sub-accounts with different rights

  • Cannot customize the existing feature set with the associated accounts

  • Cannot edit the content of sub-account beyond authorizing the  launch of survey

  • Cannot set the expiration dates for the sub-accounts

Surveys, that are created within the Master Account can be used as a templates in sub-accounts. To create a template follow next steps:

  1. From the Master account create new Survey.

  2. Add or modify questions, customize layout.

  3. Go to the Administration section from the main navigation menu at the top and select the Show our Templates option for appropriate sub-account.

  4. This survey and other surveys from the Main account are now available to other sub-users when they design a new Form from a template.



Create a New Sub-Account

The article describes how to create a New Sub-Account if you have Multi-user License.

Subaccount Management

The article describes administration page’s functions.

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