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Action Logger

Use "Action logger" plugin to log respondents' actions during the voting process. This is commonly used if your survey or form has complex structure and multiple pages to control correct respondents and survey behavior. It is also used if you perform integration.

Firstly create new question of the Single Line or Multiline type to store logs, hide this question so it is not visible to respondents and adjust following parameter:

  1. *Log Question - Enter reference to a new question where you want to keep responses. Use Qx format to reference to the Multiline type of question or Qx.Ay format to reference to the Single Line type, where:
    x - question number;
    y - answer choice number.

  2. Message Detail level - Select error, info or debug log message detail level. Error message level will display all errors connected with incorrect parameters, info messages store information about links opening, object creation, etc. Debug log message includes all information about an integration with certain object, its' parameters, object ID, etc.

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