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Misc Plugins

This category contains plugins that cover wide range of specific tasks.



Action Logger

 Use "Action logger" plugin to log respondents' actions during the voting process. This is commonly used if your survey or form has complex structure and multiple pages to control correct respondents and survey behavior.

Auto-filler for Matrix Questions

If you prepopulate your form using the Autofill feature, it is not possible to prepopulate questions of Matrix type, unless you use this plugin.

CAPTCHA Validation

 Use "CAPTCHA validation" plugin to ensure your survey or form is submitted by real respondents instead of computer bots. Insert new question of the Single Line text type at the beginning of your survey or form and ask respondents to enter code for validation.

Circular Progress Bar

If your survey has more than one page you can apply progress indicator on the Settingspage of your survey or form. In case if standard bar graph does not meet your requirements, you can apply "Circular progress indicator" plugin and adjust its color to the color scheme of your survey or form.

Cookie Consent Plugin

If you are launching your survey via Master Link, and want your respondents either to be able to come back and change their results or want to block your respondents from submitting the form more than once, you should enable ask for their consent to save the cookies.

Curse Words Replacer

Replaces curse words that respondents might have write in the text fields. "Curse words replacer" plugin does not require any special parameters to define, just insert plugin to your form and click the Save button to apply this plugin.

Day Access Restriction

It may appear that you want your respondents access their survey of form only during particular days in a week. Using "Day Restriction" plugin you can accomplish this without adjusting Start and End survey dates on the Launch page of form each time you want to open or close it for voting.

Default Responses

Use this plugin to predefine answers based on the responses of a previous respondent.

Email Validation

This plugin is commonly used to validate respondents' email addresses they provide in your survey or form. Respondents who entered syntactically incorrect email address or address with non-existing domain name will not be able to proceed further or submit.

Logical CSS

In case you need to deploy the same survey to the different groups of people so each group faces its particular survey design this plugin should be used.

Name Validator

This plugin is commonly used when you collect respondents' personal data, such as names, email addresses and others. To make sure respondents provide correct names instead of random characters, apply "Name validator" plugin.

Random Answer Selector

This plugin is used to make a random answer selection in Pick One, Dropdown and Rank grid question types.

Remote Validator

"Remote validator" plugin is used to validate responses of a text questions through a third party applications. Response is automatically sent to a third party application, then response request is sent back immediately.

Respondent ID Saver

When respondents participate in your survey or form, they are assigned with the unique system identifiers which can be retrieved by means of "Respondent ID Saver" plugin.

Respondent Location by City and Country

If you ask respondents to provide their personal details within form or survey, you can retrieve respondents geographical coordinates using city and country information they enter.

Respondent Location by Phone Number

If you ask respondents to provide their personal details within the survey or form, you can retrieve respondents geographical location using phone numbers they enter.

Respondent Tracker

"Respondent tracker" plugin is used to track new respondents in your survey or form and then send request in HTTP or HTTPS form to a third-party application.

Responses Signature

This plugin assigns signature (unique identifier) to the survey response after it is submitted. Then when previewing Report By Respondent system checks this unique identifier and if it remains the same you can view the report for such respondent.

Time Access Restriction

Using "Time access restriction" plugin you can set time interval when your survey or form will be accessible by respondents.


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