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Name Validator

This plugin is commonly used when you collect respondents' personal data, such as names, email addresses and others. To make sure respondents provide correct names instead of random characters, apply "Name validator" plugin. Respondents will be allowed to enter only symbols of alphabet, as well as single apostrophe or hyphen.

To use "Name validator" plugin in your form/survey,specify parameter:

  1. *Name Field - Use the Qx.Ay notation, where:
    x - question number;
    y - answer choice number.

Example of names that will be validated and names that will not be accepted:

Valid names: Robert, William Brown, Nate.
Invalid names: wwwwwwww, fren283=, !!!!!.

Please note, that this plugin also works with question and answer identifiers, so you can use them instead of question and answer numbers in plugin parameters.

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