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Day Access Restriction

It may appear that you want your respondents access their survey of form only during particular days in a week. Using "Day Restriction" plugin you can accomplish this without adjusting Start and End survey dates on the Launch page of form each time you want to open or close it for voting.

  1. Timezone - Indicate time zone for plugin to be applied. This can be your location's time zone or a time zone of your respondents if different, for example EST (Eastern Standard Time, GMT -5h). The default value is GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). You can also specify your time zone as an offset from GMT. For example, GMT+2, GMT-5.

  2. *Weekdays Range - Select days of the week when plugin should be applied. To select more than one item hold down CTRL key and left-click using mouse (COMMAND + mouse click for MAC OS).

  3. *Access Allowed/Prohibited - Adjust this parameter to allow or restrict access during the selected days of the week.

  4. *Alert Message - Enter the alert message to your respondents if the time of their access to survey or form is out of the indicated period.


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