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Time Access Restriction

Using "Time access restriction" plugin you can set time interval when your survey or form will be accessible by respondents.

To insert this plugin adjust the following parameters:

  1. Timezone - Indicate the timezone for plugin to work, use ISO format (GMT, EST, PST, etc). This can be yours or your respondents location timezone. The default timezone is GMT. You can also specify your timezone as an offset from GMT. For example, GMT+2, GMT-5.

  2. *Time Range - Use the hh-hh format to indicate time range when your survey or form will be accessible for respondents. For example, if you select EST (eastern standard time) and 5-17, the survey will be accessible from 5am until 5 pm eastern time.

  3. *Alert Message - To notify those who enters your survey or form when it is closed, use this field for the warning message. For example: "Sorry! You are allowed to access this survey from 5 a.m till 5 p.m only".

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