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Remote Validator

"Remote validator" plugin is used to validate responses of a text questions through a third party applications. Response is automatically sent to a third party application, then response request is sent back immediately. If this response request matches the request code, respondents are allowed to submit their survey or form. Otherwise they will be prompted with a warning message.

Specify following parameters while applying "Remote validator" plugin to your form/survey:

  1. *Answer to validate - Reference to a Single LineMultiline or Numeric Allocation question to validate text responses. Use the Qx.Ay notation, where:
    x - question number;
    y - answer choice number.

  2. *Remote URL - Indicate a third-party application URL to which the validation request will be sent. Use the following format:

  3. *Positive Response Code - Indicate the response code that a third party application will generate if answer validation passed successfully. If indicated code matches third party application response code respondents will be allowed to move further.

  4. *HTTP Request Method - Select the request method which will be used to access a third-party application. It is recommended to use the POST method if the URL is very long or has some non-ASCII characters. Use GET if the target form is idempotent (usually a pure query form).

  5. *Alert Message - If a response from the remote server does not match the Positive Response Code, this message will be displayed to respondents.

  6. *Validation Parameter - Input validation parameter that is used in a third-party application, for example: param.

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