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Android Synchronization Errors

When synchronization issues occur in the Android Mobile Application, the following synchronization errors may happen: 



Unknown Error 

The error does not fit into any of the categories below.

HTTP Response errors with unexpected status codes 

These errors indicate there are some form settings issues and/or the server cannot successfully complete a client's request (Server errors: 5xx / Request errors: 4xx).

Response decoding errors

These errors may occur when the app fails to decode received data because of a conflicting or unsupported data set on the server. In rare cases, it also might happen due to the server update or rollback that revolves around breaking API changes, so either older or newer versions of the app will fail to decode receiving data.

Network timeouts

 If you have no or bad Internet connection, after 5 minutes of waiting for the server to respond, you will receive a Network timeouts error.

Database errors 

There errors happen because of a failed attempt to save/read downloaded data to any database, due to inconsistency in received data or issues with database files. 

File system errors

These errors may happen for various reasons when trying to save/copy/move files such as form resources. For example, when the system tries to move a file to a directory that already contains the file with the same name.

No storage space on the device

The error means you have no place to download any data, take pictures, save forms, etc.

Please read the Troubleshooting Android Synchronization Errors to know how to fix them.

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