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Current Time Saver

The Current Time Saver plugin captures the time at which the form was accessed by a respondent. 

If enabled, the plugin will capture the current system time of the computer from which the form is accessed and save it to the question specified in the settings. 

  • The time will be recorded only when the Submit, Next or Save buttons are clicked.

  • If the form  has been divided into pages/sections, the time recorded will be the the time when the Submit, Next or Save buttons are clicked in the particular page/section that contains the target question, not the time when the complete response is saved or submitted. 

To set up the plugin, specify the following parameters:

  1. * Format  - Specify the format in which the date/time will be recorded.

  2. * Override existing value - Specify either to allow or to forbid overwriting time values recorded earlier. 

  3. * Field  - Indicate a question field, to which the plugin should save the value. It must be one of the visible fields of the Single Line Text with Preformat Options question type. 

  • If both the Current Time Saver and the Page Selector plugins are applied in the same form, the date and time will also be captured when a respondent navigates the form's pages using tabs. 

  • This plugin also works with question and answer identifiers, so you can use them instead of question and answer numbers in plugin parameters.

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