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Edit Graph

The Edit Graph feature allows to specify the parameters for your time series graph. This feature is used along with the Time Series feature.

How to use the feature

  • Click the Edit Graph button while editing the Time Series;

Enter the title for your graph in the Graph name text box or use the default name; 

Use the Graph type drop-down box to select one of the graph types. Use the Width and Height text boxes to set the graph size;

Select the Totals option to scale the graph in units corresponding to the total amount of respondents. Select the percent option to scale the graph in percent.

Select the Show legend in graph option to view labels of the answer choices or rated objects in the time series graph in your report. This is rather helpful if your report element contains many items.
Select the Do not show legend in graph option to hide report legend.

Enter the text for the vertical and horizontal axis titles in the Vertical axis title and Horizontal axis title text boxes.

The graph width should be at least 100 and no more than 2000 pixels.

The graph height should be at least 200 and no more than 2000 pixels.

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