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Editing and Deleting CM

Edit existing contacts 

To edit an existing contact there click the Edit link next to the contact, and then:

  • Set a status for a contact. For all new contacts, the default status is Active. The contact that participates in a form within the certain time period specified in the CM settings is considered an active. In opposite case, this contact becomes inactive if he did not open the latest form within the set time period. Please note, that once inactive contact submits the form, its status automatically changes to Active.

  • Input contact details into the corresponding fields.

  • You can not change the Contact ID once it is set after the contact's creation.

  • You can change the dashboard rights by toggling the Dashboard Rights button.

Deleting contacts 

To delete Contacts manually, select the Contacts and click Delete Selected button at the bottom of the Contact Manager. Once you do it, those contacts will lose their ability to log in to the Portal and fill out forms and tasks that were published for them.

When you delete contacts from a Contact Manager (manually or via a csv file upload), their profile data is wiped out and cannot be restored. Due to this security improvement, please take extra caution when deleting contacts.

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