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Increasing Emails Deliverability

To decrease any possibility that the emails you send to respondents end up in their inboxes and not in the spam or other filtered folder, try following these steps:

  • Use only your real correspondence email address in the From: Email Address field instead of a fake, made-up address.

  • Consider asking your target respondents to add your correspondence email address to their contacts or whitelist it. This will help avoiding the spam folder for your messages. 

  • The Subject line of your messages should inform on the content of your email and the purpose of sending.

  • Send your emails in the Plain Text mode if possible since most spam filters consider emails containing the HTML code as potential spam messages.

  • Avoid using embedded images within the email body and attaching files (documents, images, executable files, etc.) to the email itself. These can be treated as spam indicators.

  • Make your email looks competent so it does not contain capital-letter words, superfluous punctuation, etc.

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