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Once you are done making your form, you can distribute it to your respondents. This page will help you navigate help articles dedicated to the Launch page settings and distribution methods.



The Launch Page

The Launch page allows you to get your general form URL and chose one of the 7 distribution methods. You can also adjust the time range you want the form link to be available for the respondents. 

Form Availability Settings

The article explains how you can adjust the time range you want the form link to be available for the respondents.

Customize URL

To use the Customize URL in your survey or report you need to go to the Launch or Publish pages.

Distribution Methods

The chapter provides you with an explanation of all the possible form distribution methods. Click on each method to read more information.

Submitting and Voting Tips

The chapter provides tips and tricks for submitting and filling out a form.

Manage Responses

On the Manage Responses page you can view which of your survey takers completed the survey (and when) and who did not complete it, if you distributed your survey via email, and your survey was not anonymous.

Convert Forms to PDF

You can save your forms for offline viewing or viewing it outside the platform it by saving it in Portable Document Format (PDF). 

Form XML Export

When data is exported to the XML format from the FORM data collection platform, two XML files are produced: surveys.xml and responses.xml.

Clearing Your Web Browser's Cookies and Cache

On this page, you can find step-by-step instructions on how to clear your cookies and cache in browsers recommended for use with our application.

Email Domain Recommendations

The recommendations in this topic aim to improve the deliverability of invitation emails.

Increasing Emails Deliverability

Read the article to decrease any possibility that the emails you send to respondents end up in their inboxes and not in the spam or other filtered folder.

External Response ID

This feature (also called the URL ID) is used to grant personalized access to a response through form URLs sent to users.

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