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Manage Responses

On the Manage Responses page you can view which of your survey takers completed the survey (and when) and who did not complete it, if you distributed your survey via email, and your survey was not anonymous.

To access Manage Responses page click either the Manage Responses link or the number of Not Started responses for the selected form from the Form Information pane.

Summary This step allows you to view the survey completion statistics. There are two columns containing the information on the surveys that have been distributed via our mail system and those that have been distributed via external means.

    • Email/Password - not started, in progress, completed.

    • Master URL - in progress, completed.

Click the View Details button to view the e-mail statistics of your Form distribution.

Manage Bounces feature allows you to track sent emails and check email undeliverability reason if any. Click here to see more about Manage bounces.

Manage Respondents Under this step you can select respondents category (Email and Password, Email Only, Password Only) then select respondents you need (Completed, Completed and In Progress, Not Started, All).

Responses with the status In Progress that have not been distributed via our mail system, can be saved if Do not allow respondent back into survey or Respondent may return and modify their response rules have been set on the survey Settingspage. While taking the survey via Master URL the cookies are used to identify the respondents.

You can also sort the list of respondents by different criteria and search particular respondents you need to view the information for.

Email address/Password This column shows the list of email addresses or passwords of your survey respondents.

Sent on Consult this column to see the date when the survey has been delivered to respondents.

Reminded on Consult this column to see the date when the reminder was sent to the corresponding address.

Completed on This column shows the date when respondent submitted the survey. Click on the date to view the report on this respondent. If survey has still not been started by respondent, it will be marked as Not Started.

Delete Select email address you want to delete from the list and click the Delete Selected button.

Use the Select All button to select all the addresses of the respondents shown in the list.

Use the Unselect All button to unselect all the addresses.

Click Delete All Incompletes to delete all the addresses of the respondents who did not complete the survey. Please note, that only Not Started responses considered as incompletes.

Click the Download Status Report button to export your survey launch statistics to Excel.

Click Back to return to the Surveys home page.

  • When you delete email addresses from the incompletes list, your respondents can still take your survey using the link you have initially emailed to them.

  • If you delete an email address from the incompletes list, you will be able to resend the survey to this address. In this case, the same unique link will be generated as during the first distribution. The information on the respondent is not removed from the database, only the email address is deleted from the list. The date of the first survey distribution will be displayed on this page.

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