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E-mail Statistics

The survey statistics email (sent after launch) is sent always to the account owners email. It is also sent to the address specified to receive undelivered emails. You receive an email reporting that your survey has been launched. You can see the statistics clicking the Please click here to view the statistics link or by clicking the View Details button from the Manage Responses page.

On the statistics page you can view email addresses the survey has been sent to, status, date and time of survey distribution, a graph displaying voting statistics and other information.

Start Date Select the start date of the time frame to display the statistics.

End Date Select the end date of the time frame to display the statistics.

Date emailed Select appropriate email campaign to see the details.

Email Details is displayed as a chart so you can compare total number of emails used for a distribution, number of emails that were successfully sent or not sent and number of already completed responses.

You can also select data to show data to be shown within the Email Details graph:

  • Total emails - represents all emails that were used for distribution.

  • Emails sent successfully - emails that were sent successfully without any errors and warnings.

  • Not sent emails - this category includes emails that were used for distribution but were not sent due to incorrect spelling or any errors.

  • Submitted Survey - represents time and number of submitted surveys among those that were sent successfully.

Show Email This option allows to view launch details per each of the available categories as a table. 

 This table contains the following columns:

  • Email - contains list of emails within the appropriate category. You can sort the list by email ascending or descending as well as sort by domain name.

  • Sent - Indicates whether particular email has been sent or not sent.

  • Status - This table column displays status per each particular email.

    • Resent. An email has been sent earlier

    • An email has been sent earlier

    • Recipient blocked

    • The 'From' field is incorrect

    • The domain name is incorrect

    • SMTP error

    • Sent

    • Is being sent...

    • Is being resent...

    • Java transport rejecting

    • SMTP not available

    • SMTP: Mailbox unavailable (mailbox busy)

    • SMTP: Local error in processing

    • SMTP: Insufficient system storage

    • SMTP: Syntax error, command unrecognized

    • SMTP: Syntax error in parameters or arguments

    • SMTP: Command not implemented

    • SMTP: Bad sequence of commands

    • SMTP: Command parameter not implemented

    • SMTP: Mailbox unavailable (not found, no access)

    • SMTP: User not local

    • SMTP: Exceeded storage allocation

    • SMTP: Mailbox name not allowed (syntax incorrect)

    • SMTP: Transaction failed

    • Unexpected ("+st+") (It means unexpected error from SMTP, instead of "+st+" the reason will be written)

  • Date This column contains dates of survey distribution.

  • Time This column contains exact time of survey distribution using EST time zone.

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