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Distribution Methods

The article also provides you with a short explanation on all the possible form distribution methods. Click on each method to read more information.

Distribution methods 

By default, displays only 2 mostly used methods of distribution on the Launch page:

Click on the Show all publish methods to see more ways to launch your form.

The following distribution methods are available on the Launch page. Click on each method to read more information.

  • The list of the distribution methods depends on your account permission rights and the type of form. Please contact your account manager for more details.

  • Both platforms provides the same distribution methods. Only names are different.



Master Link

The link is a general link at which your form is available.  The link can be forwarded to respondents and allows submitting multiple responses.

Ad-hoc (via Portal/Mobile Apps)

This option allows you to publish the forms to the User Portal. The responses may be collected on the Portal both in the online and offline mode.


To make the form a part of the Tasks workflow, the form needs to be attached to a task definition. By choosing this launch method, you may select one of the existing task definitions or create a new one from scratch and attach a form to it.


You can send form links via email using the application mailing system. This method is recommended when you need to provide an individual link to each respondent.

Restricted by unique codes

Use this launch method if you would like to distribute a general link to your form and protect it with individual passwords.

Embed into website

This distribution method allows placing a link to the Form on your website. Using the provided HTML code, you can add a form link to your website as an iframe or a pop-up.

Integrate with

Provides the capability to synchronize our application data between the form and objects as well as distributing forms with the help of facilities.

Upload Responses

Allows you to upload responses to your form by uploading a CSV file with data. This feature is used when you need to merge responses collected online with historical data or with data collected with other systems.

Advanced Launch Options

After the distribution is done, the launch page will display the used highlighted in the blue color method first on the list and only other available methods

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