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New Integration Setup

A new integration between the selected form and Salesforce objects can be setup/edited from this page.

To configure a new integration setup you need to click Go next to the ' integration' on the survey Launch page and then click the Setup New Integration button.


The wizard will take you through the next steps:

 Basic Settings

  • Integration Name. Give your integration a name by typing it in this text field. Each new integration should have the unique name. The integration name is used only for internal purposes.

  • object to integrate with Use this list box to select the available Salesforce object to integrate with. If you click Next to save your settings you cannot reselect a new object. The workaround is to delete the current integration and setup the new one.

  • Click Next to save your progress and move onto the next step.


Select the Salesforce field and the corresponding survey item you would like to map using two list boxes:

  • The list box fields on the left shows all the fields of the selected previously Salesforce object.

  • The list box Survey questions on the right displays the survey questions with answer choices.

  • All required fields of the Salesforce object are highlighted in yellow and must be mapped with the survey items;

  • All survey questions that are mapped with the required fields of the Salesforce object must be set as Must answer on the Edit Questions page.

  • All survey items that are not applicable with Salesforce fields are grey;

  • The survey questions that are hidden on Questions page cannot be synchronized with Salesforce fields and are not displayed in the Survey questions list box;

  • For more information about synchronizing Salesforce fields with survey items, see Synchronization Settings.

 Specify Data Flow Direction by choosing one of the following option buttons:

  • To. The data transfers from Salesforce account to the KeySurvey application. The survey questions appear autofilled before taking the survey;

  • From. The data transfers from KeySurvey application to the Salesforce account after the survey has been submitted by the respondents;

  • To and From. The combined type of data flow direction is used.

  • Click the Apply mapping button to transfer the data between this survey and Salesforce.

    After the integration rules are set, you can view them in the mapping table at the bottom of the page. If you want to remove the specific mapping, click the Remove icon next to it.

  • Select the Overwrite with empty responses option to overwrite the existing data with empty survey response, if user did not answer the survey question. This check box is selected by default.

This check box is unavailable if To mapping direction is specified.

  • Click Next to save your settings and move onto the next step.

 Integration URL

The synchronization of the survey data with Salesforce account is now finished.

Copy the generated URL on this page into your email template in account. The survey link is ready to be distributed.

You can also launch your form/survey from account anytime later.

Click the Finish button to go the Mapping page with your new mapping settings.

 Creating a new Salesforce object

Besides updating your Salesforce records within objects, integration allows creating new objects such as Lead, Account, Case and others including custom objects within your Salesforce account, using data submitted by your survey respondents. Here are the steps that walk you through:

  1. Setup the Basic Settings page by naming your integration and choosing SalesForce object you want to create.

  2. Map Survey items with SalesForce fields including all required fields that are highlighted in yellow.

  3. Specify From or To and From data flow direction.

  4. Use Integration URL to distribute it to your survey respondents directly using your email system.

After the survey is submitted new Salesforce object will be created and will contain your survey data in accordance with mapping settings.

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