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Integration with Salesforce: The Customer Company CRM tool brings a new time-saving way of customer management. Using Salesforce: The Customer Company integration, our application provides the capability to synchronize data between the survey and the Salesforce: The Customer Company objects as well as to distribute surveys with the help of Salesforce: The Customer Company facilities.

This ensures that your Salesforce: The Customer Company database is always updated with the client information after submission of the online survey. Moreover, now you can easily export the respondent data from Salesforce: The Customer Company account, with no need to input data manually in the online survey. Automate your sales-cycle process with two-way data exchange between Salesforce: The Customer Company and KeySurvey.

Integration Key Features

  • Distribute the survey link inside an email template in Salesforce: The Customer Company account or by other distribution means;

  • Auto-populate survey questions with client information stored in Salesforce: The Customer Company account;

  • Keep updated your Salesforce: The Customer Company database with client information by prompting to take the online survey;

  • Track survey results following the report link generated and saved to Activity History within SalesForce object integration was performed with.

SalesForce account you integrate your survey/form with must have Edit Task and Edit Event rights activated.

To integrate your account, first you need to set up the login page by going to My Account > Sales Force Login page.
For details, please see Login Setup.

After that, you will need to configure the integration setups on Launch Survey > Distribute via  page.

For details, please see the New Integration Setup help page.


 Integration Requirements

Your account must have the Salesforce API right enabled.


Make sure your edition of is compatible to use the API. 

 This feature is enabled by default in:

  1. Enterprise Edition

  2. Unlimited Edition

  3. Developer Edition

 The API package is not available for the following editions:

  1. Personal Edition

  2. Group Edition

  3. Professional Edition



New Integration Setup

A new integration between the selected form and Salesforce objects can be setup/edited from this page. Integration

The corresponding page allows viewing and modifying the current integration settings as well as setup new integration between the associated form and Salesforce objects.

Salesforce Login Setup

The Salesforce account access provides the dataflow between's and Salesforce's servers before and after the Survey is completed.

Synchronization Settings

The article presents a table with question types, data flow direction and Salesforce compatible object types.

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