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Salesforce Login Setup

The Salesforce account access provides the dataflow between's and Salesforce's servers before and after the Survey is completed.

To set up access to the Salesforce account you need to click My Account > Login Setup and then enter the Salesforce login data:

  • User Name (Salesforce user name). The user name must be in the form of email address;

  • Password, followed by a security token.

    The password is case sensitive and must be followed by a security token.

Security Token

A security token is an automatically-generated key that you must add to the end of your password to let Key Survey log in to Salesforce. For example, if your password is mypassword, and your security token is XXXXXXXXXX, then you must enter mypasswordXXXXXXXXXX to log in. To receive or reset your security token at any time, click Setup > My Personal Information > Reset Security Token, and click the Reset Security Token button. The new security token is sent via email to the email address on your Salesforce user record.

  • You may connect to the Salesforce account by taking advantage of Single Sign-On option. This option allows validating the usernames and passwords through client's local network - such as LDAP - without the need to enter multiple passwords.

  • The KeySurvey application as well as LDAP server should be set up on client's local network. The respondents' data will be stored on client's or KeySurvey server, while the account information will be stored on LDAP server. The integration is possible only when the login and password of the KeySurvey account match the login data of the Salesforce account.

  • Once the Single Sign-On access is configured from Salesforce side, the user will see the Use Single Sign-On check box on this page. Select it to authenticate once and gain access to the Salesforce resources. Each user is authenticated just once with their user-credentials at the moment of login. From then on, the user's authentication is managed directly between Salesforce account and LDAP database.

  • You must be a member of LDAP working group to use this service.

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