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The corresponding page allows viewing and modifying the current integration settings as well as setup new integration between the associated form and Salesforce objects.

To manage your integration settings click Distribute via  option on the Launch page.

On this page you can find the table containing the list of your current integrations.

 The table includes the following information:

  • Name. The integration name;

  • Integration Type. Specifies the type of object that was synchronized for integration;

  • Link to distribute. The survey URL that can be pasted in the salesforce email template or distributed by other means;

  • Edit. Allows you to edit the specific integration setup;

  • Delete. Deletes the specific integration setup.

Setup New Integration. Enables you to configure new integration setup. To learn more, see New Integration Setup.

 If any errors detected, the problem integration is highlighted in red.

The possible errors could be:

  • The survey question used in this mapping does not exist - Most likely the survey question was deleted after the integration had been created.

  • Object field used in this mapping does not exist - The object was altered after the integration has been created and the object field used in this integration no longer exists.

  • Data type mismatch or the specified object field is read or write protected - There may be two reasons for this error. One of them is that the object field type is not compatible with the question type in your survey. The other reason is that the object field used in this integration is either read or write protected.

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