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Export Email Addresses From Data Sources

Most applications (including Goldmine, Palm Desktop, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and FileMaker) will allow you to export data into a comma delimited text file (.csv)

 Exporting from Outlook Express

Outlook Express allows you to export data in a CSV (comma separated values) format which can then be imported.

  1. Launch Outlook Express and select File | Export....

  2. Choose Comma Separated Values and click Export.

  3. Choose a file name for the exported data and click Next.

  4. Select Email Address field (select other required fields if you are going to pre-populate them into your survey before distribution).

  5. Click Finish.

 Exporting from Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook allows you to export data in a CSV (comma separated values) format which can then be imported.

  1. Launch Microsoft Outlook and select File | Import and Export.

  2. Select Export to a file and click Next

  3. Select Comma Separated Values (Windows or DOS).

  4. Select folder to export from and click Next

  5. Save exported file and click Next

  6. Click the Map Custom Fields button to select the necessary fields for the exported file.

  7. Click Finish.

 Exporting from Other Data Sources

You can import data into the system from any other application that can create a CSV (comma separated values) file.

  1. Save your data source as a CSV file.

  2. Ensure that:

    • This file contains Email field. Your survey will be sent to email addresses indicated in this file field.

    • This file does not contain fields which you do not want to import to your survey including field headings (such as Email, Name etc.), page brakes etc.

    • Only commas or semicolons or tabulation serve as delimiters/list separators (If your file contains other separators you may need to change Regional Settings on your computer).

Example of the CSV data file structure exported from the data source:

It contains name, email address, phone number, department and position columns:
Smith,John;;674-67-61;Consulting;Chief Consultant
Jordan,Mary;;;Not known;Manager

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