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E-mail (Distribution Method)

The E-mail (Send Email Invitations With Individual Form Links) feature provides each selected respondent with a unique link to access the form.

To email your form/survey using this feature:

1. Click Send Email Invitations With Individual Form Links button on the survey Launch page;

2. Click the Edit Email button to compose survey invitation message. For details consult the Edit Email help chapter.

3. Select the Email survey to addresses I enter manually option.

4. Use the Enter the email addresses below text field to enter email addresses the survey should be sent to one at a time.

  • Be sure to separate each address with a comma or semicolon.

  • Each respondent in your list should have an individual email address that contains only latin alphabet, numbers, or allowed symbols (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, !@#$?*_=+{}|/).

  • Do not use spaces or any other symbols. Do not send your survey to a distribution list (group list) from your mail system, as it may result in overwritten responses. See the Email Addresses Input help chapter for more details.

5. Click the Verify Email Addresses button to see if there are any invalid email addresses. If the syntax of address is correct it will be displayed as Valid, if there is a syntax error, the address will be displayed as Invalid. If you have already sent an invitation to a specific email address it will not be displayed on the Verify Email Addresses page at all.

6. The Anonymous response feature allows you to decide on anonymity:

  • Select the Capture respondent email address option to track respondents' email addresses.

  • If you select Hide the respondents' email addresses in the reports, the emails of the respondents will not be visible in the report (note that the addresses will still be visible in the Dashboards).

7. When all settings are adjusted and you are ready to send your survey, click the Send Email button to email your survey invitation to the indicated email addresses.

  • If you sent an email to certain respondents and they submitted it you can send the same email to the same email addresses again. This feature is useful if you need to ask the respondents to submit the same survey from time to time. Keep in mind that you should set the Allow multiple responses rule in this case. Every time respondents receive emails, unique links are generated, and new records are created in the report.

  • If you sent an email to the respondents and they did not submit the survey, you can use the Email Reminder or resend survey after their email addresses are removed from the list of Incompletes addresses.

  • You will not receive mailing statistics if no email was sent due to the reason mentioned above.

  • If the Do not allow respondent back into form or Respondent may return and modify their response rules have been set, and you add more addresses to the panel and trigger another Launch then the survey will go only to those additional addresses.

  • If the Allow multiple responses rule has been set, and you add more addresses launching the survey for the second time, it will go to all the new addresses and to all the respondents who have already completed the survey using all of the previously sent links.

  • Back Takes you back to the previous page. All of your anonymity and distribution type settings will not be saved.

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