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Task (Distribution Method)

In order to allow users to make their forms a part of a workflow, it is possible to assign the form to a task definition on the "Launch" page of the form.

  1. Create your form or survey with enhanced offline support. 

  2. Go to the Launch page and select Task. Make this form a part of task-based workflow option:

3. In the pop-up window select whether you would like to attach your form to existing task definition or create a new one:

  • Use existing task definition. Select this option and then choose one of the task definitions provided in dropdown. Save and Go to Task Definition button will redirect you to the Edit task definition page. Click Done button if you would like to stay on the Launch page.

Please note, that only task definitions that do not have a form linked to them yet and do not have any tasks created yet are available in this menu.  If there are no such task definitions in users account, only Create new task definition option will be available. 

For more details, please visit Task Definition help page or our Video course on tasks functionality. 

  • Create new task definition. Type in Task definition name and click Create button. You will be redirected to the Edit task definition page. For more details, please visit Task Definition help page or our Video course on the task's functionality. 

  • This option is not available for surveys.

  • If a form is attached to a task definition all other distribution methods are disabled for the form on the Launch page.

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