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E-mail Form to People from Contact Manager

This feature allows you to email the form/survey to contacts from the Contact Manager.

To launch the form to the contacts from the Contact manager click the Send email invitation with individual Form links option on the Launch page, and then:

  1. Click the Edit Email button to compose your message. For details consult the Edit Email help chapter.

  2. Select the Email form to people from Contact Manager option.

  3. Select the needed Contact Manager from the list.

  4. Click the Change the Group of Contacts button to add or remove contacts from the distribution list. 

Please read the Create Contact Groups for more information.

5. The Setup Data Flow option allows to update the selected contacts with the new data from the submitted form.


Whenever respondents change either their living address or job positions or email and other personal details, you can update the contact records with the up-to-date information.

You can also prepopulate survey questions with the data from the Contact Manager.

Click the Setup Data Flow button, apply field mappings and data flow direction. For more details consult the Data Flow chapter.

6. Use the provided options to set the email anonymity.

  • Select the Capture respondent email address option to track respondents' email addresses.

  • If you select Hide the respondents' email addresses in the reports, the emails of the respondents will not be visible in the report (note that the addresses will still be visible in the Dashboards).

7. Click the Send/Schedule Email button to send email invitations immediately or to schedule them for a date in the future.

  • A single Contact Manager can only be used per form. So if you have already launched the form to people from the Contact Manager, you cannot launch it to people from another Contact Manager list.

  • If you have sent the invitation email to the respondents and they did not submit their response, you can set up an Email Reminder or use the Re-send Invitations option on the Manage Responses page.

  • If the Do not allow respondent back into survey or the Respondent may return and modify their response rules have been set, and you add more contacts, then the survey will go only to those additional contacts.

  • The Allow multiple responses rule is not compatible with "Email form to people from Contact Manager" launch option. If this option is selected on the Settings page, and you are launching the form to people from Contact Manager, it will be automatically changed to Respondent may return and modify their response upon clicking "Send".

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