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Pop-up Survey

You can create a pop-up survey for every Nth visitor to your web site.


To design a pop-up survey choose the Embed the survey into your website, blog, or application option on the survey Launch page, and then:

  1. Select the Pop-Up survey code option.

  2. Pop-up survey for every Nth visit The page with your survey will pop-up for every Nth visitor to your web site. Specify the number in this box.

  3. Copy and paste the HTML below into your website This text box contains Java-script for pop-up survey. Ask your webmaster to place it on your website. The script should be inserted within <body></body> tags. For additional options see the IP Filtering help chapter.

  • If a respondent attempts to take pop-up survey a second time (survey has been submitted before) and the rule 'Do not allow respondent back into survey' has been set then the pop-up survey will be automatically closed.

  • If respondents enter the page again this survey may pop up in two cases: their cookies are disabled or there is the cookies buffer overflow. If the cookies are disabled respondents should enable them. If there is the cookies buffer overflow respondents should delete all the cookies.

  •  To delete all the cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x:

    • Select the 'Internet Options...' from the 'Tools' menu.

    • Click the Delete button under the 'Browsing History' option.

    • Select items you want to delete and click the Delete button.

  •  To block the cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.x:

    • Click the Tools tab.

    • Select the Internet Options...

    • Click the Privacy tab.

    • Click the Advanced button.

    • Select the Override automatic cookie handling option.

    • Select the Block option in the Third-Party Cookies column.

How to load a pop-up survey when a user leaves your web page:

Sometimes you might want to have a pop-up survey appear when the user either leaves your site or closes the browser. This can be achieved through JavaScript within your web pages that launches a new browser window on a visitors PC.


If you want to load a pop-up survey when a user leaves your site by clicking a foreign link on your webpage, you can trap all foreign links within your webpage in the following way:

<a href="" onClick="'','myname')">Go to Yahoo</a>


Replace ... with the URL to your survey.


If you want to pop up a survey when visitors leave a specific web page without requiring the user to click a link, use the unload event in the body tag as follows:

onUnload="' id/...', 'myname');"

Replace ... with the URL to your survey.

The Back button Takes you back to the Launch page.

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