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URL Suffix

The feature cannot be used together with the E-mail distribution method, since the Launch functionality defines the way URLs are formed automatically.

Use this advanced launch feature to add a suffix into the link to your form, thus altering the Master URL into a unique link. This feature can be helpful when distributing forms via your own mail system letting you use your own unique identifiers.

In case you have the special software installed on your local server, it will convert your unique identifier to a URL-encoded line and add it to the form link. If there is no special software for the conversion of a unique identifiers, you can generate unique links using Microsoft Excel.

  1. Copy your modified Master URL (including suffix described) on the Launch page

  2. Launch Microsoft Excel and paste the Master URL in the 1st column.

  3. Fill as many rows with the same Master URL as needed in the same column.

Select the cell you want to copy and drag the fill handle across the cells you want to fill, and then release the mouse button.

4. Insert the unique identifiers into the 2nd column. There should be an equal number of rows in both columns

5. Point the cell under the 3rd column and enter the formula: =CONCATENATE(A1,B1). Click Enter

6. Select this cell and drag the fill handle across the needed number of cells within a column, then release the mouse button.

  • The URL suffix must include the suffix described and a unique identifier. Your modified link will look like this: (where insurance_note is the suffix and 1092 is a unique identifier).

  • The suffix is specified by your account representative on User Account Administration page.
    Once the suffix is specified, you should login again to your account for changes to take place.

  • The suffix will be added to all your survey links within an account.

  • Then the unique identifiers should be added to the links with the help of software on your local server.

  • The survey takers are identified by the suffixes within your network.

  • The URL suffix works instead of cookies.

  • Suffixes are shown in forms' reports by respondent.

  • This feature works only with the Master URL (you can find this on the Launch page).

  • The respondents cannot take the survey via the Master URL if they do not have a valid suffix.

  • When you take a survey through the Master URL removing the suffix from it you will see the alert: Page not found.

  • You can use only latin letters and numbers (a-z, A-Z, 0-9).

  • Do not use spaces or any other symbols (like @, &, $ etc..) in your suffixes.

  • Do not use the following words as suffixes: onunload, validateTime, ARGS, LQID, i_n_f, Dir, surveyID, CharsetLine, goNextPage.y, goNextPage.x, RID, SID, RespondentID, pwd, pwd2, ALL_QIDS, EMAIL, WebPoll, SFObj, SFObjID, integrationSurveyID, ALL_COLUMNS, ALL_QUESTIONS, dispLinkId, globalFormID, logicPluginMenu, rspEmailAddress, startTime, VMODE.

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