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Restricted by Unique Codes

This distribution method is useful when you launch the form Master Link via your own mailing system or by other means.

Thus, you can track respondents and pre-populate their forms with appropriate data.

Uploading passwords

There are two ways you can add passwords for identification purposes:

Upload from file: you can upload passwords and other data to pre-populate the form using a CSV file.

To autofill your form with individual passwords, create a CSV (comma-separated values) file using the UTF-8 encoding that contains passwords and (optionally) any other data you wish to import to your form.

You can use only latin letters and numbers (a-z, A-Z, 0-9); do not use spaces or any other symbols (for example, @, &, $ etc) in your passwords.

In case your password does contain any '@' symbols, upon upload these symbols will be removed from the password, thus altering it. This may cause difficulties for users when trying to access the form.

Select a form to import the data to and click the Use passwords to identify users accessing the Form option on the form Launch page, and then:

  1. Set the form questions in correspondence with the fields of a data file intended for importing. You can find the details on how to do this in the Autofill help chapter.

You can prepopulate questions of all types except the Matrix questions

2. Specify the format of the imported data file at the 'Password Autofill' page by selecting answer options you wish to import. After that, click [>] to move them from the Accessible Survey Questions text box into the Autofill These Questions field.

3. Click Set Format to save your settings.

4. Specify the field that will store the password.

Only the following question types may be used for setting passwords: Single Line Text and Multi-line Text.

5. Select the Overwrite option to allow your respondents to edit the pre-populated data for the Single Line Text and the Multi-line Text question types. If this option is not selected, your respondents will be able to see the autofilled data but will not be able to edit it.

6. Click Browse to select the data file for importing.

7. Click Import Data File to start the importing process.

8. Click Activate Password to make your form ready for voting. After that, respondents can use the passwords set to submit forms via the master link.

If you use the Password Protection in your form, please make sure its first page contains only the question with the password in order to keep the form layout accurate.

 After the survey Master URL has been distributed via your mailing system:

  • On your home page, the total number of respondents who did not fill out the form yet will be indicated in the Incomplete column.

  • All the respondents will be listed on the Manage Responses page.

 When taking the survey:

  • If a respondent uses the Master URL and enters the correct password, the form will be opened with the prepopulated data.

  • If a respondent uses the Master URL and enters a wrong password, confirmation message will pop up asking if he or she wants to enter another password.

If the rule Allow multiple responses - only applies to Master URL is set on the Rules page, the respondent can skip the individual password by clicking Cancel in the confirmation popup message. In this case, respondent will be forwarded to a blank form with no data autofilled inside. If any other rule is set, the respondent will be not allowed to skip the individual password.

  • Each password per form must be unique. It is not possible to upload passwords that have already been in use within the form. If you want to use the same passwords over again, we recommend copying your form and uploading these passwords to the blank copy.

  • Passwords are case sensitive.

  • Password protected Forms should have the first page consisting of the password question in order to keep correct.

Select from Contact Manager: passwords and other data is prepopulated to the form from the Contact Manager records.

 Click here for more details:

This option allows you to use any Contact Managers' field as a password and to pre-populate form questions with the data from other Contact Manager fields.

To protect your form with passwords using Contact Manager:

  1. Go to the Launch page of the form.

  2. Click the Send email invitation with individual Form links option.

  3. Select the Email form to people from Contact Manager option.

  4. Select the Contact Manager you wish to use.

  5. Click the Select a Group of Contacts button.

  6. The Create new group from scratch option allows you to filter contact list manually and upload selected contacts. Select the Select existing group option to use predefined group of contacts. Consult the Create Contact Groups help chapter for additional details.

  7. Click the Setup data Flow button to define data flow between the form questions and Contact Manager records. This option is used to pre-populate Contact Manager data to the form questions.

  8. Select the field from the Contact Manager that will be used as the form password. You can select custom field like Contact Name, Phone Number or system fields like Score, Status, Last Activity and others.

  9. Click the Enable Password Protection button to enable password protection for the form.

  10. Give out the Master URL to form respondents. Only those who provide correct password will be able to access it.

  • You can use only one Contact Manager per form. So if you have already launched the form to people from a Contact Manager, you cannot launch it now to people from another Contact Manager list.

  • You can get back to your form later and add more contact records who can participate in the form.

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