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Last Sync / Last Upload Contacts' Info

On the Contacts page you can see contacts' statistic info. It also displays data about the last sync/upload of contacts from their mobile devices. 

Please read the Contacts Viewarticle for more details.

How to see the Last sync/upload info

  • Click on the Show detailed information for contacts link; 

  • See the Last Sync/ Last Upload columns.

The Last Upload column displays the date when a Contact uploaded their last data from a mobile device to the server. The Last Sync column displays the date when a Contact downloaded forms, task definitions, and data models last time.

  • The columns appear in the panel automatically once at least 1 Contact does a sync or upload.

  • The data will be transferred from the devices starting from the 2.2.0 version of iOS, Android, and Windows Desktop applications.

  • The data will not be displayed for those Contacts who: 

           a. Do not use mobile applications; 

           b. Have not done a sync or upload yet; 

           c. Use older versions of applications.

No data hint should help users understand why some contacts have no information.

  • Click on the date

  • A Sync Info pop-up will be opened. It displays the last 10 syncs of the contacts in the apps and the following information: 

  • Sync type (Full, Incremental, Upload);

  • Sync Date;

  • Sync Type;

  • App Version;

  • Device Info. 

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