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Manage Email Alerts

Email Alerts panel allows you to activate/deactivate already created alerts, edit alert settings, edit alert email text, copy alert settings to new alert and delete email alerts.

To manage your email alerts:

  • Click the Email Alerts button on the upper toolbar.

  • The Email Alert window will be displayed. The window displays adjusted settings and logic and the following functions:

Edit Click this link to edit alert settings. For more details, please see the Design Email Alert help chapter.

Copy Allows you to create new email alert with the settings based on existent alert.

Delete Removes the email alert from the survey.

Add Email Alerts button creates a new email alert.

For details, see the Design Email Alert help chapter.

You can deactivate alert and make it active later, instead of deleting it and creating once again. Tick the box to make an alert inactive. 

Email Alerts are sent once the respondent has clicked the Submit button.

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