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Numeric Range Filters

Numeric Range Filters allow the dashboard viewer to filter the dashboard records based on numeric data provided in the responses.

To set one up, drag a numeric answer option to the Filters tab. You will see two fields for inserting the min and max value for the numeric range. By clicking the Add Interval button, you can add as many ranges as needed. 

The Settings button allows you to toggle two options:

  1. Show expanded - Shows the dashboard viewer all filter options without the need to expand them;

  2. Allow User-Defined Range - Lets the dashboard viewer specify a custom date range and filter data accordingly. The Delete button resets both entered values.

Numeric Ranges

Ranges can be set up the following way:

  • Specify only the min value and leave the max value empty. This will result in 'N and above' range;

  • Specify only the max value and leave the min value empty. This will result in 'Up to N' range;

  • Specify both the min and max values. This will result in 'N - N' range.

Compatible Question Types

The Numeric Range Filter can be created based on the following:

  • System field with the numeric format (Response ID)

  • Numeric field in a 'Single line text' question;

  • 'Numeric Allocation' answer option;

  • Numeric field in a Matrix question;

  • Numeric field in a (Multiple) Object Lookup (if a numeric format is applied to it in the associated Contact Manager / Data Model).

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