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Preview and Test Form

This feature is used to ensure your form works properly and to see if you need to make any last-minute changes to questions or responses.

On the Form Editing page in a Preview dropdown you will be able to test your Form/Survey as well as your Report:

  • Click the Preview top menu option to take and submit your form, precisely as your respondents will.

The settings such as form logic, layout, and Must answer conditions will work for a real form by default, but you can easily change these settings on the Functional pane. The buttons that enable/disable the parameters will be marked in orange if enabled. 

  1. Use the first button to hide or show the preview panel.

  2. Use the second button to turn on/off data validation, thus allowing you to skip mandatory questions and answer options when previewing the form.

  3. The third button disables any logical conditions that were set up in the form.

  4. Use the forth button to show all or hide the questions that are parts of the show/hide logic setups in the form. When the option is disabled, all questions are visible. 

  5. When enabled, the fifth option shows the actual number for a question with hidden questions included, thus allowing you to correctly reference the questions using the Qx.Ay formatting.

  6. Use the next button to find the particular question and filter out the questions' list; the panel that appears shows you the questions list; and clicking the question's name will take you to the question in the form.

  7. The last button will take you to the first question in the form.

The Submit button is not active in the Preview mode, and by clicking on it, you only receive a respective message so that no results would be saved.

  • Select Test Form to take and submit your survey, exactly as your respondents will. 

All of the settings such as logic, layout and email alerts will work as for a real form, but you can change these settings on the Functional pane.

  • If you chose to allow respondents to see results, clicking the Submit button lets you see what your results will look like.

  • When you click Submit while testing online, these test responses are included only into the test report but not into your final results.

  • Click the Test Report button to view your survey's test results in graphic format.

The test report has the same settings as the Standard report.

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