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Questions Randomization Plugin

In addition to the common question randomization that you can apply from the Edit Questions page, "Question randomization" plugin allows you to randomize only certain questions in your form, though other questions will keep their position. 

To insert "Questions randomization" plugin adjust the following parameters:

  1. *First Question in Section - Input number of the first question within the section that will be randomized.

  2. *Last Question in Section - Input number of the last question within the section that will be randomized.

  3. *Number of Questions to Show - Here you need to set a number of questions from the indicated section to show to respondents. The number of questions to show must not exceed the number of questions in the section.

  4. *Ignore Settings Errors - When you insert this plugin to your survey or form, its settings are being checked with the survey or form structure. If this parameter is set to "False" you will not be able to insert the plugin if any errors occur, improper parameters will be highlighted. If set to "True", any errors will be ignored and you will be able to insert the plugin, but it may not function properly.

  5. *Question Weights - If the number of questions to show is less than the actual number of questions within the indicated section, they will be shown to respondents with a similar probability. Use this parameter to assign question weights that increase or decrease question's display probability.


  • All randomized questions in the section have to be located on the same page.

  • Each time you insert the Questions Randomization plugin to a survey, if you choose to display fewer questions than the total number of questions in the designated section, the total number of questions that appear in the survey will be reduced.

  • If you apply more than one plugin to the survey use the inverse order. For instance, if you want to randomize the following questions sets 1-3, 5-12, 14-25, set the first plugin to randomize questions 14 through 25, then 5 through 12 and finally 1 through 3.

  • We recommend to use not more than 4 plugins at the time.

  • Any questions/answer options edits will not be visible for respondent while re-submitting if they were applied after this respondent has submitted the survey the first time.

  • In the case of the last survey question being included into the randomized section, the page breaks may move at the time of survey submission.

  • There should be no logic (Advanced, Branching, Skip, Branch on Range) applied to a question that is part of the section being randomized. Applying logic will throw an error, however, the setting Ignore settings errors can be set to ignore these errors.

  • It is not recommended to apply Questions Randomization and Section Randomization plugins in one form/survey as they may conflict with each other.

  • There should be no page break before the first randomized question. If necessary, a hidden placeholder question can be added between the page break and the first randomized question. Make sure the placeholder question is hidden with the help of Show/Hide logic in this case.

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